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Apple bumps iTunes Match and Apple Music upload limit to 100,000 songs

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Apple users are now able to store a lot more music in the cloud. Following a June announcement by internet software and services SVP Eddy Cue, the company has "started rolling out support" for iTunes Match and Apple Music libraries of up to 100,000 songs — the previous limit was 25,000. Cue confirmed the news to MacRumors, which first reported on users noticing the change.

The move means you'll be able to have an online music library twice as big as the 50,000 tracks Google Play Music offers, although that service is free. Apple requires you to pay either $24.99 a year for iTunes Match or $9.99 a month for Apple Music to make use of the cloud locker. And iCloud has been by far the least reliable element of Apple Music, often failing to make good on its promise to unify your online and offline libraries.