What happened to Vergecast 069?


Directed to The Verge Video/Media team:

I'm looking for a particular Vergecast music intro from back when Josh was running things (afterward he said "Hello...and the Vergecast"). So while listening through SoundCloud for the intro, I noticed that some of the Vergecast entries were out of order. The only one that I could never find was Vergecast 069. And then I couldn't find it on PocketCasts (which is fed by SoundCloud)...or YouTube...or UStream...or The Verge search engine...or GOOGLE.

I have no idea if the intro that I'm looking for is on Vergecast 069, but I'm awfully curious as to what the heck happened to it that it somehow has been scoured from the Internet. Any chance the Media team can re-upload it (or at least let me know if Josh gives that exact intro in the episode)?