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Now you can get Windows 10 on a $139 Lumia phone

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Microsoft might have two flagship Lumia handsets running Windows 10, but the software maker hasn't forgotten about the budget smartphone market. After announcing the Lumia 550 in less than a minute back in October, Microsoft is now making it available today. Priced at just $139, it's the cheapest Windows 10 phone available right now, providing Windows fans on a budget with access to the latest operating system and apps.

As it's a low-end device it won't support the latest Windows 10 Mobile features like Hello and Continuum, but the Lumia 550 will be capable enough with a 4.7-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, and LTE. Microsoft is even enabling its Glance Screen feature on the Lumia 550, allowing it to show the date, time, and notifications when the device is in standby. It looks just like any other Lumia, with black and white variants available. Microsoft says the Lumia 550 will go on sale for $139 in select markets today, but the company hasn't revealed specific countries just yet.