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Google adds Reminders feature to Calendar apps

Google adds Reminders feature to Calendar apps

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Google Calendar now lets you add reminders and keep track of the things you still need to do. Reminders have existed across a few Google apps already — Inbox, Now, and Keep — but they're now receiving full integration inside of Calendar. When you create a Reminder, it'll appear on your calendar at the date and time it's been set for. But unlike an event, it won't just disappear; if you don't check off that you've completed the action, the reminder will appear at the top of your calendar the next day.

Reminders will launch this week on Calendar's iOS and Android apps, and they'll come to the web soon. Once the updates launch, you'll be able to create Reminders inside of Calendar. As with Reminders in Inbox, Now, and Keep, they'll all sync across apps and automatically pull in any information that Google thinks is relevant, like the phone number of a person you need to call or a location you're headed to.