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A series of predictions for LeBron James' lifetime Nike deal

A series of predictions for LeBron James' lifetime Nike deal


Sneakers today, LeBron-brand life insurance tomorrow

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Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Renowned comedic actor LeBron James has signed a lifetime deal with Nike this afternoon, an agreement that's being described as the largest commitment to a single athlete ever. It's not the first time an athlete's signed over their lifespan — David Beckham and Derrick Rose have similar deals with Adidas, and Allen Iverson has an agreement with Reebok — but it's the first such deal Nike has signed, and it's certainly the highest-profile such deal to date.

It's hard to imagine a better candidate for this kind of deal than LeBron. He's one of the greatest individual forces in the history of the sport; he's won multiple times at its highest level; he's survived and thrived on a personal redemption narrative that might culminate in his delivering glory to his beleaguered, beloved hometown. He's socially conscious and wildly charismatic. He's set himself up for a future beyond basketball with production companies, sports agencies, juice bars, and a vested interest in English football. In short, he offers all of Michael Jordan's multidisciplinary commercial potency without any of the psychopathically competitive risk.

The combination of the deal's scope and LeBron's force of personality means his brand has a chance to extend beyond the athlete's usual provinces of apparel and merchandise. I took a glimpse into the future and discovered that LeBron's deal is going to have ramifications beyond basketball none of us could've predicted. It may even give "lifetime" a new meaning.