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Are Republicans and Democrats finally uniting against Donald Trump's racist fascism?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Donald J. Trump, a leading Republican candidate for president, released a truly incredible press release today that called for "a total and complete shutdown" to all Muslim immigration into the United States. The release was first tweeted by Trump PAC senior advisor Daniel Scavino Jr., which Trump's campaign manager said would apply to "everybody," from tourists to potential immigrants. Trump later released it online.

Trump put his own spin on the announcement, saying that Americans "must be vigilant" against an "extraordinary influx of hatred and danger," presumably from Muslims.

The White House quickly denounced Trump's statement.

So did Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who called Trump "unhinged."

And several other people also seeking the presidency.

This may at least mark a useful new phase in Trump's cycle of belligerence, in which his competitors unite to quickly and directly denounce his frightening policy suggestions.

Update, 6:15PM ET: Hillary Clinton echoes the crowd.