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Jeff Bezos just offered to shoot Donald Trump into space

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Per aspera hasta la vista

Silicon Valley may soon be busy disrupting ISIS, but it's not too busy to focus on extremism at home. Thankfully, Jeff Bezos has a solution to our Donald Trump problem: send him to space.

Earlier today, Trump, a kleptomaniac masquerading as a business man, attacked actually-successful business man Jeff Bezos for running a "no-profit company." (The company Trump was referring to is Amazon, one of the most successful companies in the history of the world.) But the dig was really directed at the lamestream media, a part of which Bezos now owns in The Washington Post.

But Bezos, a man who has tweeted just four things since he joined Twitter in 2008, decided he wasn't having any of that.

Do you hear that, Trump? All the adults in the boardroom are laughing at you.