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Watch the trailer for the second season of Powers, PlayStation's only original show

The first trailer for the second season of Powers — the PlayStation original show based on a Marvel comic — has arrived, showing what happens to a city when it's overrun by superheroes. The story picks up after the death of Retro Girl, the one "power" that could keep the city's huge number of supernaturally talented citizens in check. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to find out exactly what happens when the new season of the show hits PlayStation Network in 2016.

Microsoft abandoned its original TV ambitions

Sony trumpeted Powers as PlayStation's shift into original programming, but to date, it remains the company's only investment. Given a middling critical reception, and up against fearsome superhero competition in the form of Netflix's Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Powers may not have the strength to prop up PlayStation's TV ambitions on its own. Microsoft, Sony's console rival, appears to have seen the writing on the wall ahead of time, abandoning its own original TV efforts in July last year.

With the streaming TV market as competitive as it is, it may be better for Sony to cut their losses and get out, but it appeared that the company was still be pushing for more original shows on its PlayStation Network earlier this year. In May it was reported that Sony execs were meeting with advertisers at the NewFronts pitching session, perhaps to talk more Powers, or for another new series yet to be announced.