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Sony releases PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android

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Last night I found myself clumsily thumbing a PSN message to a friend explaining that I couldn't play Destiny right this second because I was on my way to get a haircut, silently cursing the terrible, overwrought, sluggish PlayStation app and its blurry-keyboarded lack of optimization for my iPhone 6S Plus. "I'd honestly settle for just a simple messaging app," I sighed to myself.

Well, about 15 hours later, Sony has released PlayStation Messages for iOS and Android. It's a simple PSN messaging app, and it's optimized for the iPhone 6S Plus. Also it has stickers. In a move reminiscent of when Facebook forcibly broke out Messenger, tapping "Messages" in the regular PlayStation app prompts you to open the new one. In this case, it's almost certainly for the best.

Sony has also updated the main PlayStation app today. It has a new, fashionably gradient-free icon, and it is still not optimized for the iPhone 6S Plus.