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Amazon lets Prime users add Showtime, Starz, and more to their subscription

Amazon just announced the Streaming Partners Program, a subscription program that lets Prime users add distinct video services to their existing Prime package. Nearly 20 services will be available to Prime users for an additional fee, including Showtime, Starz, and Lifetime Movie Club. This is the first time Starz has been offered outside a standard television bundle, Variety reports.

What's on Starz right now?

Some of Prime's new add-ons, like the Dove Channel and Ring TV Boxing, might not be hugely appealing, but the subscriptions are offered at a discount. Starz and Showtime will cost users $8.99 per month (on the iTunes Store and Google Play, Showtime is $10.99). But the discount isn't unheard of for cord-cutters: Hulu is also offering Showtime to its users at the same discounted price as Amazon.

The new add-on services are currently available on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Roku, and Fire TV. And despite Amazon's spat with Chromecast and Apple TV, users will also be able to use their Amazon Prime credentials to log into the stand-alone apps of the added services available on those platforms.

Amazon says it plans to add more streaming partners in the future. For now, Prime users get a free trial of the Streaming Partners Program, and can change their package on a month-to-month basis.