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Boeing 747s abandoned at international airport raise existential question

Once I left my laptop at airport security. It's a sore subject, to be honest. How does somebody leave something so big and important behind? I tell myself that airports are stressful. Surely, I think, someone has left something even bigger and more valuable. Today, I know that to be certain.

Someone has left three Boeing Co. 747-200F planes at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The planes have been there for roughly a year now, and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. would prefer the owner collect them immediately. If they don't, the company explains in a full page ad posted in Malaysia's Star Newspaper, the planes will be sold or disposed of by exercising the Civil Aviation Regulations Act of 1969.

According to Bloomberg, the holding company has been in contact with the "so-called owner," but the planes have not been removed. The aircraft takes up valuable parking space. All of this raises the obvious and important existential question: which abandoned Boeing 747 are you?