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Picnic in style with this $46,000 Rolls-Royce drinks hamper

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If you have $46,000 lying around, you can buy a lot of things: A BMW i3. Four field box season tickets to the Red Sox. Roughly 15,436 boxes of Double Stuf Oreos from Amazon — that's 463,080 cookies, enough to last quite a while. But those are all entirely too plebeian. You deserve better.

That's why Rolls-Royce is now offering this limited edition Cocktail Hamper for $46,328. Not familiar with the cocktail hamper? It's sort of a portable drinks globe, complete with decanters, tumblers, cocktail shaker, ice bucket, bottle opener, cocktail sticks, jigger, muddler, crusher, atomizer, strainer, and a chopping board.

drinks hamper

It's completely absurd and the perfect gift for that extraordinarily rich person in your life who has absolutely everything, assuming that you are extraordinarily rich as well. Every detail has been considered. The paring knife is magnetically housed in a recess in the walnut structure "thereby ensuring it is stored and transported in safety and without disturbance." An integrated light turns on when the hamper is opened to "evoke the aesthetic of a luxurious cocktail bar." The glasses take a month for Theresienthal, one of Europe's most revered glassmakers, to create by hand. The rims are finished in platinum.

drinks hamper

It is stunning. And stunningly expensive. And stunningly rare. Only 15 will be made (order through your local Rolls-Royce dealership). Put it at the top of your wish list and then get ready to get hammered in ridiculous luxury.

And, if you aren't sure if it's for you, The Verge has requested a review unit from Rolls-Royce to do our own thorough examination. We'll let you know.

drinks hamper