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Apple's new SD card adapter brings USB 3.0 speed to the iPad Pro

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The iPad Pro shipped with a Lightning port capable of faster USB 3.0 speeds, and now there's a way to actually make use of that. Apple has announced a new version of its Lightning to SD card adapter — a Camera Reader, in Apple parlance — that offers USB 3.0 transfer speeds when used with the iPad Pro, or USB 2.0 with any other Lightning-equipped iOS device.

The adapter could make the iPad Pro a more attractive device for any photographers looking to transfer large quantities of RAW files. iOS 9.2, released earlier today, also brought the ability for iPhones to use Apple's Lightning to SD card and USB adapters; Apple has sold them ever since the original iPad, but until now they'd never been compatible with the iPhone.

The Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader is available now from Apple now for $29.

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