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This Donald Trump / Darth Vader mashup is surprisingly good

This Donald Trump / Darth Vader mashup is surprisingly good

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Comparing Donald Trump to the world's worst super villains is almost too easy now that the pouting egomaniac has been fully possessed by the racist elves that live in his hair. But this video from Auralnauts, mixing clips of Darth Vader with some of Trump's weirder public statements, brings something new to the conversation. It's easy (and depressing) to imagine Trump as a megalomaniac in charge of an evil empire, but it's more fun to think about him as barely-tolerated idiot, trying to engage confused subordinates with boasts about his own genius.

The video makes Trump seem like a lost child who's been handed control of a movement he can't quite understand. He doesn't know anything about foreign policy or politics or Jedi! He's just really proud of all the gaudy trinkets he's managed to put his name on. Have you seen his new cuff links? He thinks they're really special. It's perhaps better to imagine him this way, rather than considering that the ugly and spiteful views he espouses reflect the real thoughts of real people. Either way, shouting "I'm more militaristic than anyone in this room" is definitely a classy way to shut down arguments that I'm going to use in future.

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