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Google's best logo has no Google in it

Google's best logo has no Google in it


GV signals its independence from Google with a beautiful redesign

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Google Ventures, the fund started in 2009 to invest in emerging technologies and companies, has introduced a new logo this week and, well, it's the sharpest and best-looking logo in Google's history. The funny thing about it, though, is that it's not a Google logo or even a Google company anymore: after Google's corporate reshuffle, the venture capital arm is now under the auspices of the new Alphabet super-company and is underlining its separation from Google by rebranding to the new name of GV. Just like that sweet, minimalist monogram.


GV is using the right arm of the V in the logo as a design element in its presentation materials and the conceit works beautifully. It's reminiscent of the sharp HP logo redesign that surfaced (and was promptly rebuffed by HP) a few years ago.

There's something about this logo that feels just perfect. It strips out the "Google" and the color of its originating company, thus separating itself visually, but it still has a familiar G shape, albeit sliced through with the "invisible" portion of the V. It's simultaneously distinct and yet relatable to its source. The only question, as raised by Brand New, is whether people will really adopt the new GV moniker or keep calling it Google Ventures.

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