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CES officially bans hoverboards

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Surely there's no better way to check out the future of gadgets in Las Vegas this winter than by riding a hoverboard, 2015's must-have piece of non-hovering and possibly exploding technology? Well, that may be so, but don't expect to bring yours to CES 2016. Representatives for the show have confirmed to The Verge that the popular rideable devices won't be allowed on site.

The policy applies to "wheeled transport devices (with or without motors)" including "Segways, hoverboards, skateboards, uniwheels and all similar products" at any CES venue. There is a Segway exception for people with disabilities at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Sands/Venetian, and scooters and wheelchairs are available to rent at several venues. Barring the new hoverboard provision, these rules have already been in place for previous shows.

While you might not be able to bring your own, rideable gadgets are likely to have a big exhibiting presence on the CES show floor itself, of course; if the hoverboard boom this year has shown one thing, it's that it's easier and cheaper than ever for small companies to make this kind of product. And they're not anything new for CES — for example, watch this not-at-all embarrassing video of me crashing the Inventist Solowheel into a car in the North Hall four years ago.

As always, we'll be on the ground at CES in a matter of weeks to report on the latest advancements in rideable deathtraps. Stay tuned.