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Companies are turning Katy Perry's halftime show into an online shopping event

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When you think about buying things during the Super Bowl, one thing comes to mind: those championship T-shirts, hats, and DVDs that go on sale directly after the last down. But halftime performer Katy Perry and a slew of companies are working to find a new way to get you to spend money during the game.

Shop 'till you drop

The artist will sell limited edition products branded with her name during the game and the halftime show through a host of connected TV apps and other outlets, reports Variety. Instead of relying on a costly TV ad during the Super Bowl, Katy Perry, Universal Music Group, and Pepsi will use a service called Delivery Agent to try to sell the products to fans. The products will be promoted on Samsung and LG smarts TVs, as well as on Roku devices. Promoted tweets from another partner — Visa — will use Twitter's new buy feature to let users purchase directly from their feeds. Anyone who looks up Katy Perry's music with the Shazam app will also have an opportunity to buy, as will those who turn to the Vevo YouTube channel to listen to more of her music.

There's no word yet on exactly what kind of products they'll be selling, but the "limited edition" goods will be sold until February 3rd — or until supplies run out.