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Coca-Cola thinks you can stop internet trolls with Coke

Coca-Cola thinks you can stop internet trolls with Coke

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The internet can be an ugly place in 2015. Coca-Cola, peddler of sugary smiles for decades, wants to do away with all the trolls. But with Coke, presumably? In the company's somewhat bizarre Super Bowl ad tonight, all it took was for someone to accidentally pour some Coke on what could only be the server stack of the world to spread some happiness online. Cyberbullying? Defeated! Awful YouTube comments? Eradicated! Cable news punditry? Over!

It's a nice sentiment, even if it's on the silly side. And the ad isn't the only spot to make a similar statement. Coke also teamed up with Ryan Seacrest and a bevy of stars to spread the online love. Because Ryan Seacrest isn't ever awkward:

It's good that Coca-Cola has detected how terrible the internet has gotten of late. The ads are nice little dreams, too; we could seriously use some positivity in the world. But Coke probably knows it'll take a bit more work than expensive soft drink fantasies to solve these problems. Unless there's something new in Coke this year...