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Watch an emotional Jon Stewart announce his Daily Show departure

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Jon Stewart surprised the world earlier tonight when it emerged that he would be leaving The Daily Show after more than 15 years at the helm. Now, the episode where he announces his departure has aired, and you can watch Stewart's emotional statement above.

"I'm gonna have dinner on a school night with my family."

"This show doesn't deserve an even slightly restless host," Stewart offers by way of explanation, without going into detail. "In my heart I know it's time for someone else to have this opportunity." The host and comedian doesn't have any specific plans for what he'll do next, other than "have dinner on a school night with my family," but he does say he has "a lot of ideas."

As for when exactly Stewart will leave the show for good, he says "we're still working out details." Although his contract expires in September, his final episode may come earlier or later than that. "It might be December, it might be July."

"I don't think I'm going to miss being on television every day," he says. "[But] I'm going to miss coming here every day. I love the people here. They're the best. They're creative and collaborative and kind." Stewart calls his tenure hosting the show an "absolute privilege, the honor of my professional life. And I thank you for watching it, for hate-watching it, whatever reason you tune in for."