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Samsung Galaxy S6 design supposedly leaked by case manufacturers

Samsung Galaxy S6 design supposedly leaked by case manufacturers

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Are we looking at Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone in the image above? Perhaps. Maybe. Probably not. BGR points us to these photos from a case manufacturer that were recently posted to Weibo. As it so happens, they line up with a batch of images that came from another case maker last week. Well, they almost line up. The sensors on the phone's front are on different sides, and the case manufacturers seem to disagree on whether Samsung's logo will be embossed or simply printed on the back.

Samsung Galaxy S6 case

Aside from all that, it's pretty much what we'd expect from the Galaxy S6: an iterative improvement on the previous model that carries over the premium touches we first saw on the Note 4. The camera flash is on the side now instead of below the camera. And Samsung seems confident that its latest smartphone-bound camera is pretty great, for what its worth. Really, this "regular" model is pretty tame compared to what's been reported about another version of the S6 Samsung is said to be producing. A metal back and three-sided screen? Yeah, we'd take that over this design. Any day.

Update: Read the Samsung Galaxy S6 review.

And again, it's anyone's guess whether this is the real deal. These case companies are locked in a never-ending race to be first with some $10 product on Amazon; that rush also means their guesses are frequently wrong. We'll almost certainly be seeing the Galaxy S6 unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, so the wait to find out what's beef and what's bust is at least getting shorter.