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Four new Spice Girls songs appear online; this is the one you should listen to

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Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

News broke this morning that four lost Spice Girls songs, apparently recorded for the group's final album, Forever, have been uploaded onto SoundCloud. "Right Back at Ya (Pop version)" is an alternate take on an already-released song, but the remaining three songs are, as far as this humble Spice fan can tell, new tracks. In the past, it would have taken time for lost songs to gradually make their way from one fan to the next, but thanks to sites like SoundCloud, it's easy for anyone possessing nuggets of forgotten pop culture to share them for everyone enjoy.

Here's the story from A to Z

Now some bad news. Time weighs heavy on these lost pop songs. Carefully prepared to meet the taste of their time, they sound comically outdated. "A Day in Your Life" is as dull as the most forgettable day in any of our lives, a dull semi-ballad with twangy acoustic guitar and limp lyrics. "Pain Proof," while heavy on awesome girl power, is light on musical craft. Listening to "Pain Proof" is like watching Lenny Kravitz's guitar, En Vogue's tempo, and Citizen King's record scratch collide into a gooey pile of expensive sunglasses, leather boots, and bucket hats.

But! "If It's Lovin on Your Mind" is pretty great, y'all. For one, it's called "If It's Lovin on Your Mind." It's a little bit K-Pop and little bit Britney Spears. And what's with that crinkly keyboard backing? Sure, this wouldn't have been a smash hit, but it definitely would have been the cool song you snuck onto mixtapes to prove you knew the real Spice Girls songs, not just the radio stuff.