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VH1's new digital series Behind The Tweet is completely ridiculous

VH1's new digital series Behind The Tweet is completely ridiculous


We have officially gone too far. Maybe.

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VH1 has a new digital series called Behind The Tweet. It is either completely self-aware, and a light commentary on our society's current infatuation with social media, or we have finally reached what is hopefully the lowest point of our internet addicted lives. And I can't figure out which one it is.

Based on it's popular 90s series Behind The Music, VH1 has taken the premise of a pretty good show and filtered out the most important part — the music — and replaced that crucial ingredient with tweets.There are six episodes of Behind The Tweets, with various celebrities like comedian Hannibal Buress, actress Brooklyn Decker, and singer Michelle Williams, with commentary from various social media experts from VH1. A single tweet is discussed in each episode. It's not a good show by any respectable metric. But maybe it isn't meant to be.

Maybe VH1 is in on the joke. Maybe this is VH1's way of telling us it's time to lay off the social #content. Or maybe I'm just old. Maybe people want to really know what is Behind The Tweets. Maybe this is celebrity coverage funneled down to its most natural, social form. But I still can't figure out if this is serious, and that worries me. Watch at your own risk.