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Microsoft reportedly acquires N-trig, makers of the Surface Pro 3 pen

Microsoft reportedly acquires N-trig, makers of the Surface Pro 3 pen

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Microsoft has reportedly acquired the company that provides the technology behind the Surface Pro 3 stylus. Israeli publication Calcalist reports that Microsoft is paying at least $200 million for N-trig, and that its 190 employees will be integrated into Microsoft’s base in Israel. Microsoft switched to an N-trig stylus for the first time with the Surface Pro 3 last year after using a Wacom-based digitizer in previous models of the company’s Surface Pro tablets.

While Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 stylus is a great addition to its tablet, the company has occasionally struggled to explain its best uses. That has improved with the Surface Pro 3 and the ability to click a button on the stylus to launch OneNote and start taking notes, and Microsoft is also bringing inking capabilities to its upcoming Spartan web browser for Windows 10. Elsewhere, the stylus has always been a promise of wonder from Microsoft, but something that the company hasn’t invested heavily in. During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay, claims a lot of people use a stylus with the Surface Pro 3. "We have seen a massive increase in usage, especially with the seamless integration with OneNote. And there will be more integration with the software moving forward with Windows 10."

Panay also says Microsoft is "doubling down on the technology to bring ink to life," and that the rumors of Apple’s own iPad stylus are exciting and "great that people and companies are moving forward in catching up." If Microsoft really is investing more into its stylus efforts then an N-trig acquisition would make perfect sense. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment, and we’ll update you accordingly.