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Drake made an experimental art film and it's peak Drake

Drake made an experimental art film and it's peak Drake


Drake and Internet Drake have finally come together. Can the Internet handle this?

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As far as I'm concerned there are two Drakes. The one we all know is Drake, the multiplatinum rapper / singer / recording artist, who in five years has amassed more Billboard hit songs than The Beatles. The other Drake is Internet Drake, who exists solely in the land of memes and gifs to be constantly ridiculed under the hashtag #drakethetypeofguy. Today, the two Drakes have come together in a short film called Jungle.

Jungle is a 15-minute arthouse film that follows Drake around Toronto as he reminisces and hangs with his friends. It begins with Drake talking in his strongest Degrassi accent to his driver, conveying his angst that "the energy out here is changing, you know?" It's dark and moody, with clips of a young Aubrey Graham rapping along to The Fugees, present-day Drake glaring at the Toronto skyline from his hotel window, daydreaming while in a coffee shop, and nightdreaming about walking through a club filled only with women, because Drake. It's well produced, seemingly pointless, and yet somehow still amazing — it is quintessential Internet Drake.


This is easily the most #feels thing Drake the human recording artist has ever done, but for Internet Drake, this is his magnum opus, his greatest feat, his first steps outside of the meme world and into the real world. If human recording artist Drake taking ownership of Internet Drake results in these kinds of short films, the future is bright.