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Nissan made a Leaf that glows in the dark

You can already customize your ride with glow-in-the-dark paints and wraps, but this eerie, bluish-green Leaf is a little different: it uses a high-tech coating called Starpath that's entirely organic, offers eight to 10 hours of glow time, and will last for a claimed 25 years.

Nissan worked with Starpath's inventor on the car, which is currently a one-off — you can't order a glowing Leaf from a dealer. That's a shame, because it looks kind of awesome and likely enhances the visibility of your car to pedestrians and other drivers at night. It also gives off something of a "this car is radioactive, stand back" vibe. Think of it as an anti-theft feature.

Let's make this a production option, Nissan. The time has come.


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