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Listen to our bite-sized podcast that explains tech in layman's terms

Listen to our bite-sized podcast that explains tech in layman's terms


The Verge has a new podcast: What's Tech?

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Oh hello there! I didn't see you come in. Go ahead and make yourself at home. I'd offer you a glass of water, but I'm all out.

A tech podcast for everybody, even your cute dog

You want to know about technology? Because you, like millions of others, find tech and the culture around it impenetrable and occasionally unnecessarily complex? And you hate jargon?

The good news is I can help with lots of support from colleagues and experts. I recently recorded the first episode of my new podcast, What's Tech?

Here's the official description from iTunes:

We live in the future, where drones skim the sky, corporations enter the space race, and smartwatches track our every movement. But how? And why? What's Tech invites experts to explain the technology bit by bit, in clear, brief, enjoyable audio nuggets. These days, technology is everywhere. Let's make sense of what's around us.

Each episode is about 15-20 minutes long and explains a specific corner of technology. Snapchat, net neutrality, and Tinder are just some of the early topics. We're premiering with two episodes. For the first episode, my pal, The Verge's Business Editor Ben Popper, told me about drones and how he almost killed a woman and a child. In the second episode, Senior Editor Dan Seifert gets kicked out of an Applebee's, and also explains the rising popularity of the smartwatch. Yes, I'm serious. No, nobody got hurt. Yes, I would love for you to subscribe.

Here's a link to the What's Tech? iTunes page.

And here's What's Tech? on SoundCloud.

And here you can subscribe via RSS.

Especially your cute dog

After this week, new episodes of What's Tech? will appear every Tuesday. And we're flirting with the idea of special episodes for big, important topics and events. You know, mini-episodes that would helpfully explain the real important, really confusing stuff, so that you can keep up with your friends who always seem to know everything about every thing. Like maybe a Fifty Shades of Grey episode? Would that be useful?

Anyway, if you like the podcast, be sure to leave a review here. And if you don't like the podcast, leave a review here.

We'll see you next week. Oh, you can leave through the door. It's unlocked. You'd rather leave through the window? Your parents never taught you to use doors? You've been breaking windows for the past 30 years, and you'd appreciate an episode of What's Tech? that explains how doors work? That's why you're here? Sure, yeah, we can probably get around to that.


*Sound of window breaking*