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The NBA is filming All-Star Weekend for the Gear VR

The NBA is filming All-Star Weekend for the Gear VR

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Milk VR, Samsung's nascent platform for virtual reality content, is about to acquire its highest-profile footage yet. The NBA just announced that it will be filming virtual reality content all around this weekend's All-Star Weekend festivities, which are taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Two cameras made by a company called BigLook360 will capture the action during the dunk competition (and practice), the three-point contest, and also during the All-Star Game itself. Gear VR owners will be able to access the footage for free on the Milk VR store in the next few weeks, the NBA's Vice President of Global Media Distribution Jeff Marsilio tells Wired.

No dunking over the cameras, sadly

Marsilio also elaborates on where the cameras will shoot from. During the All-Star Game, the virtual reality cameras will film from front-row seats. The dunk contest will be filmed from the scorers’ table (situated off to the side of a basketball court), and along the baseline during the three-point contest. They won't, unfortunately, film from other spots, like on or around the rim, or underneath a dunking player.

The announcement comes at a time where bleeding-edge camera technology is starting to shake up the look of sports broadcasts. Just last month, the NHL used GoPros during the live broadcast of its own All-Star Game. ESPN did the same when it strapped broadcast-capable GoPros on a handful of athletes at the winter X-Games, where it also tested filming with a drone.