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The beautiful, limited edition New 3DS XLs you'll probably never own

Gaze longingly at the intentionally limited product meant to build hype around a new video game console

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Nintendo's limited edition New 3DS XL hardware sold out yesterday at Nintendo World in New York City. That's quite the feat, considering the portable consoles didn't technically go on sale until this morning.

Nintendo has two limited edition versions of its New 3DS at the new handheld system's launch. One comes in a Majora's Mask livery, while the other's inspired by Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Fans have been clamoring for both, which explains the preemptive sell out. Yesterday, the line outside the Nintendo store had grown longer than the supply of the special New 3DS stock. So if you weren't in the line, you were out of luck.

If you're in New York City, it seems you're in a pickle. GameStop's product map shows low inventory in a store in New Jersey and another near Philadelphia. Amazon has three left in stock, but you'll have to pay $550. It normally sells for $199.

Not all hope is lost, especially if you're a fan of Monster Hunter. But while it's unlikely everyone will who wants the Majora's Mask New 3DS XL, will get it, they will at the very least have this collection of New 3DS glamor shots. Like a love that's lost, gaze into the images and reflect on what could have been.

Enjoy these fantastic photos by my talented colleague Sean O'Kane. (Though honestly, I prefer the vanilla New 3DS XL.)

The new 3DS XL special edition