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Pay whatever you want to see David Cross's directorial debut today on BitTorrent

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BitTorrent has made little secret of its ambitions to be a serious content player, and today it's releasing Hits, the first film directed by comedian David Cross. What makes this release a little different than most of the paid BitTorrent Bundles released thus far (like Thom Yorke's solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes) is that Cross is embracing the "pay what you want" scheme. You'll have to ante up at least one dollar, but for that low price you'll get an HD copy of the film along with a host of bonus material.

It's been a long time coming for Hits, which received some fairly negative reviews coming out of its premiere at Sundance in 2014 — perhaps the reason why Cross ended up looking to BitTorrent to distribute it. However, despite the bad reviews, Cross appears to be building up a bit of momentum. Leading up to today's release, Cross launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the film into theaters — with the unusual premise of "pay what you want" screenings.The campaign was a success, and the film will be shown around the country today, with more traditional paid screenings taking place in a handful of cities over the next week as well. Whether or not the quality of Cross's first film matches up to the unusual distribution he came up with is up to you to decide — but you can buy it now on BitTorrent if you're interested in finding out.