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T-Mobile experiences network problems in Northeast US

T-Mobile experiences network problems in Northeast US

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No wireless provider is immune from the random service outage. Not even "Uncarrier" T-Mobile. Today, the company experienced significant problems in the Northeast US for a number of hours, with customers reporting disruptions and loss of high-speed data reception in New York, Boston, and Washington DC. Some experienced worse issues than that; we were unable to place a voice call on T-Mobile's network here at The Verge office in midtown Manhattan. Other users didn't report such extensive problems, though intermittent service and loss of data were common complaints. By Friday evening, network performance was back to normal, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Before then, the T-Mobile customer service Twitter account spent hours responding to upset subscribers, letting everyone know that the carrier was aware of the situation and working fast to get service restored. Legere echoed that message with a subdued tweet thanking customers for "making sure we're aware of some network issues in the NE." It's never a great time for any major US carrier to have such widespread problems, but it's doubly unfortunate that today's T-Mobile woes came as the city of Boston continues to deal with treacherous winter conditions and record-breaking snowfall.

Update February 13th 6:25PM: The article has been updated to reflect that T-Mobile has fully restored service.