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Flickr takes a step forward with a new interface and a timeline

Flickr takes a step forward with a new interface and a timeline


Camera Roll is sleeker and more user-friendly

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Flickr began rolling out a new feature called Camera Roll today, PetaPixel reports. The update, now testing in beta, features a sleeker interface that allows users to browse, edit, and organize their photos with greater ease.

Camera Roll lives up to its name by allowing users to view all of their photos in a fluid stream organized by date. Users can choose to arrange images by date taken or date uploaded, and scroll smoothly from their most recent photos at the start of the roll, to their oldest photos at the end.


Another big update is the addition of a timeline, pictured above. When users click on a year shown on the left-hand side of the page, the year expands into 12 months, allowing users to jump back and forth in time quickly. It's similar to Facebook's timeline, with the added ease of toggling between specific dates.

Flickr gets a timeline

Flickr has long been lagging behind its competition in terms of design and user-friendliness, but Camera Roll is a big step forward, and the most recent effort by Yahoo to make the service more palatable to users. The photo-sharing site saw a major design overhaul last spring when it revamped its apps for iOS and Android and added options to favorite, comment, and share photos below every image. Even as more popular services like Instagram continue to grow, Flickr's continued attempts to stay relevant make it more competitive than ever.

Camera Roll is not available to every user yet, but it will be rolling out over the next few days.