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Senator Rand Paul made a fake Hillary Clinton Pinterest account for funsies

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He's just a cyberbully teen at heart

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Yesterday, when 2016 presidential hopeful Rand Paul could've been doing literally anything else, he decided to do something weird and embarrassing instead.

The senator (or, more likely, some poor disillusioned member of his team) created a fake Hillary Clinton Pinterest account for Valentine's Day. It's not worth looking at, so I'll tell you about it.

The account features a "White House Remodel" board (cause women love interior decorating!!), a "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" board full of Democrats and spelling errors (direct quote: "#bffes who almost got there. Pined for reflection."), and a "Power Couple" board featuring unflattering photos of Hillary and Bill (he's her capital B Bae). Not only is it a poorly done parody, it's not even a good use of Pinterest or internet slang. But there is this Valentine:


So. There's that.

This is kind of like the time John Boehner's staff used Taylor Swift GIFs to attack Obama, but with an even more amorphous political position and worse graphics. Hey politicians, we know the teens don't care about you, but this? Your dated, bumbling application of trends and media to political attacks? It's not working.