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Microsoft Office for iOS now supports iCloud storage

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Microsoft is updating its Office for iOS applications with support for Apple’s iCloud storage today. The updated apps allow iPhone and iPad users to open, edit, and save documents to iCloud without having to pay for an Office 365 subscription or use Microsoft’s own cloud storage service, OneDrive. While Microsoft added similar support for Dropbox back in November, the iCloud feature is a little less obvious to use.

The places sections of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS do not allow you to add iCloud as a place, and you have to access iCloud documents from the "more" section. It’s a little confusing, and it does make it a little difficult to create documents and store them in iCloud. There are also restrictions on filetypes, so while you can see a thumbnail preview of text in a document created with TextEdit on a Mac (stored on iCloud), you can’t access the document or edit it. Overall, it’s a fairly basic feature addition, but one that will please (and possibly frustrate) those who use iCloud on a regular basis.