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Microsoft opens up Office mobile and web apps to all cloud storage services

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Microsoft’s Office Dropbox integration was a surprise partnership last November, but Microsoft is now extending it to everyone else. After launching updated iOS apps with iCloud storage support, Microsoft is announcing native cloud integration in the Office for iOS apps for all rival cloud providers. This means that in future, once app developers have updated their apps, you will be able to open, edit, and save documents with OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box, and many others.

A more open Microsoft

It’s a surprise move from Microsoft and an increasing sign of the company’s willingness to be more open and partner with rivals. It’s also a key way to keep consumers and businesses hooked on using Microsoft Office as a productivity tool, regardless of the cloud storage platform. In iOS, Microsoft is using the file picker support for integration with other cloud storage providers, and the company is planning similar integration in Office for Android and Windows 10 in future.

Microsoft is also extending this integration to Office Online, the company’s web versions of Office. Users of Office Online will soon be able to open, edit, and save documents stored on Box, Citrix, or Salesforce services as part of a new Cloud Storage Partner Program. "Today’s announcements are just one more step on our continuing journey to open up Office in new ways for our customers and partners," says Microsoft’s Kirk Koenigsbauer. "These exciting, new features will make it easier than ever to use Office with virtually any combination of apps, platforms and cloud storage services."