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Comcast ripped off Apple's tagline to make a TV remote look special

Comcast ripped off Apple's tagline to make a TV remote look special

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One of the most recognizable (and perhaps pompous) parts of Apple's brand is the phrase printed on just about every single product the company makes: "Designed by Apple in California." It greets you when you open the box of your $3,000 iMac, and is emblazoned in tiny type on the back of the Apple TV remote. It's unsurprising for a company so focused on design, and some of Apple's competitors have included similar references on their own flagship products.

And now, Comcast is doing it. On a remote. With Apple's signature font, no less. Behold:

I mean, seriously, look at this thing.


That's some mighty hifalutin talk for a cable box remote. Particularly when you consider the fact that Comcast just now decided that it made sense to add an "input" button to the X1 remote. I suppose that's the genius of Comcast design — if you don't include an input button, maybe your customers will be too lazy to switch over to their Apple TV to rent a movie and will buy something through on-demand instead.

I'll leave you with some copy from the remote's page on Comcast's site:

This premium backlit remote has an all new design that feels great in your hand and adds new functionality that our customers have been asking for. You can now easily change the input selection on your TV with the "TV Input" button.