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Google Play Music for iOS finally works on the iPad

Google Play Music for iOS finally works on the iPad

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Google has been making solid iOS apps for a good long time now, and today it has pushed out a much-needed update to the Google Play Music app: it finally works natively on an iPad. With that, the Google Play Music app is pretty much at feature parity with the Android version — you can't sign up for Google Play Music's monthly subscription service through the app, because Apple would take a cut, but everything else is there. Both the iPad and iPhone versions have also been completely designed using Google's Material Design language, making for a much better fit with the company's other apps — though it's a bit of a different look than what you'll see in Apple's default apps, of course.

In fact, with the addition of an iOS app, Google Play Music might be my favorite cloud music / subscription service out there. No other service lets you keep the MP3s I've accumulated over the years right alongside the vast, unlimited expanse of music you'll get when you sign up for a subscription service. Plus, if you're a music video fan, you'll get access to Google's YouTube Music Key program, as well.

Yes, Google Play Music is far from perfect — actually uploading files remains a finicky, imperfect process, there's no money-saving family plan to speak of, and the service is far less socially integrated than Spotify and Rdio. But if you're like me and hate switching between the Apple's iOS Music app and Rdio depending on where I have an album saved, Google Play Music might be worth a look.

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