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You can now save photos and files straight to Dropbox in iOS

You can now save photos and files straight to Dropbox in iOS

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When Apple released iOS 8 last fall, it made possible a lot of things that Android users have taken for granted for years now. Chief among those new features was the ability for third-party apps to work in Apple's sharing system, which meant you could do a lot more with various links and files in iOS. Of course, third-party apps needed to be updated to work in this new sharing system, so it's taken some time for these features to be completely taken advantage of.

You can now count Dropbox among the third-party apps that work with Apple's sharing system, as of today. The company just pushed out a new update to its iOS app that inserts a "save to Dropbox" option in the sharing pane for certain types of files. For starters, it appears to just work with photos, but that alone is a pretty nice add — if you're not the type who is already syncing their entire camera roll to Dropbox, this makes it far quicker and easier to upload an individual photo.

It's easy to imagine that a host of other content-creating apps will soon support Dropbox sharing, as well. Dropbox is undoubtably among the leaders in the cloud storage space, and being able to easily shoot drawings, documents, music compositions, and more into your Dropbox will likely improve a lot of people's iOS workflows. The updated app is available now in the App Store.