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Pinterest shuts down the fake Hillary Clinton account created by Senator Rand Paul

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The fake, awful, sexist, and unfunny parody Pinterest account that Senator Rand Paul created in Hillary Clinton's name has been shut down. Paul tweeted a link to the page on Saturday in an attempt to poke fun at the woman who could be challenging him in the 2016 US presidential race, referring to the bogus account as "Hillary Clinton's new Valentine's Day Pinterest board."

We dissected Paul's misguided, failed attempt at humor shortly after it went up. The stunt, which failed to pick up any real momentum on Twitter despite Paul's plea for the RT, didn't last long. Regardless of where you land on politics, it's tough to fault Pinterest for axing "Hillary Clinton." The parody account failed to identify itself as such, and none of the major social networks have much tolerance for impersonation. Hopefully Paul's team has learned a valuable lesson from this before the 2016 campaign season truly gets underway. Politicians just aren't very good at trolling. At least he stayed away from Snapchat.