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Longtime tech journalist Chris Breen is leaving Macworld to work at Apple

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Late last summer, AnandTech founder and editor Anand Lal Shimpi decided to leave journalism in favor of an undisclosed career with Apple, a company his site covered extensively under his watch. He's not the only high-profile tech journalist leaving the field in favor of a position inside Apple, though — Macworld editor Chris Breen just announced on his personal blog that he'll be joining "a Cupertino-based technology company you may be familiar with."

Like Shimpi, Breen isn't disclosing exactly what he'll be working on over at Apple; it's easy to speculate he'll be in the PR department, but Breen is being unsurprisingly coy about where he's going to end up. Breen's post archive over at Macworld goes back about five years, but he's been doing Apple-focused writing for much longer, penning a number of Mac- and iPod-focused books over the years. His departure comes about six months after Macworld published its final print issue; since then it has transitioned into life as an online-only publication.