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Taylor Swift releases 1989 bonus songs on iTunes months after CD version

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Global pop sensation and soon-to-be Kanye collaborator Taylor Swift is releasing three new songs on iTunes this week. Except they're not technically new songs. Swift announced on Twitter that she was bringing the bonus songs packaged with the deluxe version of her most recent album, 1989, to Apple's music service. The first track to hit iTunes, "Wonderland," is out now, with more to follow.

Previously, Taylor Swift megafans were forced to buy the deluxe CD version of her newest album if they wanted a legal way to hear the three bonus tracks. The iTunes edition of 1989 only included the 13 tracks available on the standard album, and the pop megastar pulled her entire catalog from streaming service Spotify last year, leading to a much-publicized spat. Swift was able to succeed despite restricting access to her music because she's one of the few pop stars big enough to reliably sell a vast number of CDs in today's music industry. By drip-feeding the bonus tracks onto iTunes several months after the CD hit shelves, she's also showing she can manipulate the digital market to keep her stock high.