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Xbox One gets screenshot feature and spam reporting in latest update

Xbox One gets screenshot feature and spam reporting in latest update

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Microsoft is finally bringing a screenshot feature to the Xbox One. After Xbox chief Phil Spencer teased the functionality last month, Microsoft is rolling out an Xbox One March dashboard update to owners today. The update includes a number of tweaks and changes, but the screenshot tool is the main addition.

Similar to "Xbox record that," you can use your voice and Kinect to say "Xbox take a screenshot" or double-tap the Xbox button and select the screenshot option to have that moment in time captured instantly. While you might want to take screenshots of the dashboard or apps, the feature is restricted to games only. This will disappoint some, but it keeps the sharing and functionality limited to games scenarios only.

Double-tap the Xbox button to grab a screenshot

As soon as you double-tap on the Xbox button it will take the screenshot before you've even selected the option. Microsoft is using this method to prevent game menus, that activate when a title is paused, from overlaying on top of the game screenshot you want to take. Once a screenshot is saved it’s accessible in the upload app, where you can share it with friends, post it on Twitter, or set it as the background. Microsoft has even added options to change tile transparency levels, so screenshots that are set as background images look a little better now.

Xbox One screenshot

Alongside the screenshot feature, the March dashboard update will also include a report spam option. Xbox Live spam has increased significantly in recent months, and Microsoft’s response allows you to report messages as spam and prevent others from receiving the same junk in future. Microsoft is also adding a new option to share your real name with everyone, and the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will be supported in Australia with this month’s update. The March Xbox One update has been available to preview members for a few weeks now, and is now available to all consoles for download.

Update March 10th, 5:55AM: article updated to note the March update is rolling out to all consoles now.