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Game of Thrones world premiere to be held in London's bloodiest landmark

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Sky Atlantic

If you want to be the first to see season five of Game of Thrones then get yourself to London. The world premiere of the new season will be screened at a red carpet event held at the Tower of London on March 18th — more than three weeks before American viewers will have a chance to see the first episode on April 12th. The screening is being organized by TV provider Sky Atlantic, with 25 tickets up for grabs for fans via a competition set to be announced "soon" on the series' website.

The Tower of London has a bloody history to match whatever season 5 has in store

Hype aside, the Tower of London is the perfect venue for fans to get their first glimpse of the new season's bloodiness. Like King's Landing itself, the Tower has been seen as a lynchpin for controlling England in the Middle Ages. It started life as a castle built by William the Conqueror in 1078 and since then has served as everything from a menagerie to a mint. It's most famous, however, for its prison duties and has seen its fair share of bloody executions. A few more from Game of Thrones will be more than fitting. After all, as a recent Vine from the series' official account reminded us: all men must die.