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Uber brings food delivery service to Barcelona

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UberEats promises lunch and dinner delivery in under 10 minutes

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Uber today announced that it's launching a food delivery service in Barcelona, promising meals from local restaurants in under 10 minutes. The taxi-hailing company launched the same service last year in Los Angeles, under the name UberFresh; in Barcelona, it's branded as UberEats. Today's announcement marks the first time that Uber has launched a food delivery service outside of the US.

UberFresh becomes UberEats

As in Los Angeles, UberEats users in Barcelona can use the standard Uber app to order lunch and dinner from a daily menu. The feature was launched in partnership with Plateselector, a Barcelona food guide website, and its menu will be regularly updated with new selections.

Uber has faced controversy in Spain and other European countries, amid debates over how to regulate its on-demand chauffeur service. The company was temporarily banned in Spain last year after a judge ruled that it posed unfair competition to existing taxi services, though the app is now available in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia.