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Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop with 60 seconds of artistry

Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop with 60 seconds of artistry

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Where would we be without Photoshop? Among all the productivity applications that developed alongside the home PC over the past quarter century, Adobe's Photoshop has been the most influential and transformative for the rest of the world. It's the greatest image manipulation program that's ever been built, and like Google with search, its name has come to be used as a substitute for the actions it performs. Photoshop touch-ups are a compulsory part of most magazine and modeling shoots, but the app has grown into a fantastic tool for creating images from scratch as well.

Today, February 19th, marks the 25th anniversary of the first release of Photoshop. To commemorate the occasion, Adobe has compiled a minute-long animation made up of gorgeous Photoshop creations. Featuring some familiar faces like Bilbo Baggins and Shrek, this compendium has been made up of the original working files provided by the artists themselves — and it features a bunch of cool animations exposing the adjustments and layering that go into creating a realistic lifelike image.

As part of the celebrations, Adobe has posted a timeline of Photoshop milestones as well as an interview with Thomas Knoll, one of the program's creators. Knoll will be taking part in a Reddit AMA later today, at 5PM ET to answer questions about the history and future of the world's favorite image editor.