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Louis C.K. wants to die 'in a terrible way' in the new Alien movie

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Sigourney Weaver says the comedian might want a role in the film

Yesterday we learned that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp would helm the upcoming Alien movie, but there was little in the way of solid details. Now it looks like we might know at least one actor attached to the film: Louis C.K.

Last night Sigourney Weaver stopped by The Tonight Show to promote the sci-fi police state movie Chappie, also directed by Blomkamp, and Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but probe her for some Alien gossip. While Weaver didn't say for sure if she'd be involved, she did say Louis C.K. expressed interest in a small role. Weaver recounts C.K. saying, "I wanna be in it, and I wanna die in a terrible way."

This is still just a rumor, but let's pretend it's definitely happening. Here are some ways Louis C.K. could die in the Alien universe:

1. Decapitation by a squawking, toothy extra-terrestrial.

2. Suffocation brought on by oxygen tank failure in an atmosphere unkind to human respiratory needs.

3. Laughter.

The Alien talk starts around the 1:10 minute mark, above.