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Hulu captures exclusive streaming rights to every season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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But not CSI: Miami or CSI: NY

Hulu has scored a point in the ongoing battle between TV and movie streaming services — the company has secured the exclusive rights to stream CSI: Crime Scene Investigation through its Hulu Plus subscription service. This is the first time the long-running CBS show has made its way to streaming video-on-demand services, and subscribers will be able to stream every episode of the show from April.

The deal doesn't include 'CSI: NY' or 'CSI: Miami'

Now 15 seasons in, the show — which follows a group of crime-busting detectives in Las Vegas — is still in production. The deal gives Hulu Plus subscribers access to more than 300 episodes of CSI, but it's not clear when forthcoming episodes of the show will appear on the service. The deal also doesn't include the show's spinoffs, the New York-set CSI: NY, and the meme-spawning CSI: Miami. Another spinoff from the popular series, called CSI: Cyber, focuses on a team of FBI cybercrime investigators and is set to air in March this year.

Companies such as Hulu and Netflix are increasingly trying to ink exclusivity deals in a bid to make their subscription services stand out. Last month, Amazon decided to let its deal with the BBC lapse, losing hit shows such as Doctor Who from Amazon Prime in the process, because the British corporation's licensing agreement also allowed Netflix to carry its shows at the same time. As streaming services focus on producing original shows and securing exclusivity deals, Hulu's capture of CSI is a feather in its cap.