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Madden's simulation of the Super Bowl predicted the exact final score

Madden's simulation of the Super Bowl predicted the exact final score


If you don't want a video game simulation to spoil the score, don't read on

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EA Sports has been running Super Bowl simulations using Madden for more than a decade now with a respectable record of nine correct predictions and three false ones. However, this year it didn't just pick the winning team, it also foresaw that the Patriots would be trailing in the third quarter only for Tom Brady to deliver a game-clinching pass to Julian Edelman for a final score of 28-24. Yahoo Tech notes that the simulator also got some of the finer details right, including the first team to score, Brady's number of touchdowns — and was also only 27 yards off nailing the quarterback's total passing yardage.

However, what fun would an extremely detailed and realistic sports simulator be if you couldn't also organize a little chaos? If EA Sports' simulations are too boring for you then check out Jon Bois' ongoing Breaking Madden series, with a phenomenal Super Bowl special that sets a roster of "45 superhuman Goliaths" against a team of "five-foot-tall baby-people." The resulting spectacle is the sort of thing that would usually require some 16th century feudal politics and a particularly deranged child King to bring to life, but thanks to modern technology it's all available as GIFs in your browser. Enjoy.