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Artists made a Simpsons video that's better than most new Simpsons episodes

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My son's name is Bort

Like The Simpsons itself, this new video defies trend.

The "pop culture touchstone reimagined as pixel art" video has been played out for years — even MTV plans to move on to the Cory Arcangel HTML-grunge aesthetic — but this fan-made Simpsons intro, crafted in pastel pixel art, feels as fresh and strange as a three-eyed fish.

Of course, it has credentials: it was created by pixel-masters Paul Robertson (the Scott Pilgrim video game) and Ivan Dixon (Rubber House), and set to music by Jeremy Dower. The producers of The Simpsons have partnered with a number of acclaimed artists in recent years, including Banksy and Don Hertzfeldt. Perhaps the video will get the official Simpsons treatment in the coming seasons.