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You should play this weird iPhone game about love and electricity

You should play this weird iPhone game about love and electricity


Or at least watch the movie

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In 2012, Michael Frei made a short black-and-white film about strange people who had electrical plugs instead of heads. It was a trippy six-minute-long animated experience that was hard to categorize — and now it's a video game, too.

Plug & Play the game, which is available now on iOS and coming soon to Android, follows the same basic premise as the animated film. (You can watch the whole thing above.) Essentially, it's a series of seemingly unconnected moments — fingers touching, lamps being plugged in, those bizarre plug people having uncomfortably familiar conversations about love and relationships — that link together in some surprising ways. But in the game, those moments are interactive, so it sort of plays out like an animated movie that requires your input every now and then.

Plug & Play

There's little in the way of challenge, and the whole thing lasts maybe 20 minutes. But, beneath all the weirdness, it's a surprisingly emotional game — hearing robotic voices having heartfelt conversations was really touching. Plus, there's a really weird scene ripped out of Human Centipede. According to Frei, who made the game with the help of Swiss game designer Mario von Rickenbach, Plug & Play is an experience where you can "explore the feelings of anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction: love."

You can check it out for yourself right here.