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Verizon is rolling out Android 5.0 for Samsung's Galaxy S5

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It's nothing like the experience you'd get using a Nexus 6 or Moto X Pure Edition, but Verizon Wireless is in the process of rolling out an Android 5.0 software update for Samsung's Galaxy S5. TouchWiz is still here in all its glory, but Samsung says it's made tweaks throughout the software to make it a good match for Google's Material Design. Those include a "brighter look and feel, bold colors, and fluid animation inspired by Material Design," according to Verizon's release notes. Samsung has also switched up the look of its on/off toggle for menus to be closer in line with Lollipop.

People who prefer the stock Android look are sure to scoff at that, but it does seem that Samsung is trying to edge closer to Google's vision when it comes to the notification panel and app switcher. Some users are reporting (and Droid Life confirms) that due to the size of this Lollipop upgrade, it's being delivered in two updates. But once you're done, Smart Lock, fine-tuned notification controls, and other useful Android 5.0 features will be there waiting for you. Hopefully this means Lollipop for the Note 4 won't be far behind. Verizon's been pretty good about delivering timely Android updates of late, though Droid Turbo owners are still waiting for the bump up to 5.0.